Anti Theft Security

When it comes to R&D and innovation Oeillets India is the Holy Grail Company. This absolutely massive company entered the market with a bang, slid back slightly in the early 2015s but from 2018 onward has been doing spectacular.

When a company takes the time to invest in R&D they get a huge influx of knowledge. This is what makes Sonora Engineering so amazingly successful: Their R&D all boils down to useful knowledge that the company can use to further develop its main product lines.

A successful innovation process has very little to do with the exact amounts of money we spend. It is true that we do not want to starve our R&D labs of money and resources. Benchmarking our own expenditures against industry standards is a good way to ensure that we have a healthy R&D department. But even more important is how we spend the money we are investing in R&D.

Anti Theft System

This GSM alarm system adopts GSM network and Digital Signal Processing technology, and is widely used in security field. With a GSM SIM card, it can be used wherever you want and no need to connect to a telephone line, it is more convenient and easier to install and use.

The GSM Based Security System is an advance security/spyig solution for everyone. It is a high tech anti-theft device that automatically alerts you when small noise detected(>10db) in 20 feet range. The device will alert you through call and you can listen to the sounds near that area on your mobile. This wireless device can be easily installed on door, window, shops, almari, lockers, car, kids school bag, etc.

Studies are being carried out using various growth media to understand Concept Of Anti Theft System
Oeillets India intends to develop sensor based GPS Anti Theft system
To further enhance control, Sonora is developing sensor based Anti Theft system to centrally monitor the entire location through connected sensors where device has been installed

Product Facilities

  • Super safe home/ Office security device
  • Long standby time up to 10 days (full charge battery)
  • Communicates with your mobile via SMS and call
  • Mini USB slot for charging
  • GSM SIM Card slot for Controlling and Communicating
  • Working GSM Frequency: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
  • Auto Alert via Call when small Noise Detected
  • Can be placed anywhere (behind doors, windows, safe, doors )
  • Easy control via SMS message for device On and Off
  • Tamper & weather proof

Main functions

  • iOS APP & Android APP operation
  • Each zone with independent arm functions
  • With 2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones
  • Works with external Microphone & speaker
  • Each wireless zone can work with unlimited wireless sensors
  • 3 text message alarm number & 3 calls alarm number
  • Inquiry the system status wherever by SMS
  • With password protection
  • With Backup rechargeable battery, system is able to keep working for 10 hours even if there is a power is failure.
  • When GSM signal is weak or there is no signal, it will send SMS or sound the siren to inform users.

Device Identification and Authentication
Cloud Solution

Information Integrity
Motion sensor detection and predication
Smart Phone Security
Remote Access


  • GSM network frequency Standard: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • External power failure alarm: Start-time: Less than 1s
  • Alarm response time: Less than 10s (GSM with normal signal)
  • Power requirements: AC110V~220V 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Standby lithium battery: DC8.4V, 700-800mA
  • Working conditions: Operating temperature: -20 to 60

    Humidity: ≤95%

  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz/315MHz

Technical Features

  • Cloud Solution
  • Motion sensor detection and predication
  • Mobility
  • Remote Access
  • Smartphone Security
  • Device Identification and Authentication
  • Authenticator Management
  • Identification and Authentication (Organizational Users)
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Access Control for Mobile Devices
  • Wireless Access
  • Remote Access
  • Information System Monitoring
  • Software, Firmware, and Information Integrity
  • Compatibility with external visual device